Aao Kabhi Engineering Mein!

The spring was departing and the skies went grey this fine day in June! The refresh button was hit upon a million times to check if the internet connection was working! And finally the thing flashed in our faces! Three faces with me in centre were happy so as to describe when the HSC percentages... Continue Reading →


​The Great Indian Elections’ ‘New-turn’! 

"Jab Tak Kuch Nahi Badloge Na Dost, Kuch Nahi Badlega!"  utters the supremely talent Rajkumar Rao in the opening frames of the black-comedy satire flick, Newton. Inspired by the Oscar news and uninspiring evening blues on a Monday, we headed for the indie that takes head-on, the amazing spectacle, that the Indian Elections are!  "Are... Continue Reading →

Konkan Diaries 2.0

Konkan Diaries Laziness was creeping in as lazily as someone who has solved the mandatory three sub-questions at the semesters but just couldn't get the goddamn hand to write down the known Q. 4. The examinations had ended-bringing in days of planned events, though nothing falling in place- recently. Hence the metaphor! And on one... Continue Reading →

​And we come towards the end… 

The batch of 2018, #onelasttime, memories, 4 years, #graduation these and many such tags will be up across the social media very soon as 'we' enter the last of the eight semesters this monsoon!  That we, as I stretched upon the window sill, typing this on my cell as the rains thrashed upon the roof... Continue Reading →

Something Like Love… 

Read the 1st Chapter here! And the second chapter! Chapter 3 Trail of the lights was endless, that reflected on a recently cleaned floor of the hallway. On the other side of it was a closed door that concealed many questions that were left unanswered. The night inched closer to midnight as the city was... Continue Reading →

Something Like Love…

Read Chapter 1 Here : http://wp.me/p6H2yP-22 Chapter 2 The wind blew now! And along with it gathered some dust. The trees on the adjoining edge of the smaller avenue that ran parallel to the main expressway shook their foliage which were hardly seen in the darkness that was slowly falling over the horizon. The cars and... Continue Reading →

Something Like Love…

Chapter 1 This is the first in the string of the blog-series that I had long stagnating in my text editor on my cell! I hope the readers like, what is probably my first venture into the world of fiction and would love to hear any views that come through the many minds I have... Continue Reading →

The Day I Had Free Food! 

The day was Thursday, and the day was 'practical'ly full! The morning was spent amidst the horrors of confusion of "how exactly is this relevant" when a early practical session went by. Then we headed on to a lecture that was squeezed in between the two pracs of the day quite strategically which saw many... Continue Reading →

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