Aao Kabhi Engineering Mein!

The spring was departing and the skies went grey this fine day in June! The refresh button was hit upon a million times to check if the internet connection was working! And finally the thing flashed in our faces! Three faces with me in centre were happy so as to describe when the HSC percentages... Continue Reading →


Being A Bandraite!

Bandra: Noun A suburb on the western coast of Mumbai notoriously famous for all things you would never dream of in Mumbai.I moved to Bandra in the year 2001. It was November and the winter was just setting in. A new home at the turn of the new century! It is 2016, but still I... Continue Reading →

Why Students Bunk?

Schools used to start usually at 7 in the morning. Shoes polished? Check! Short hair? Check! Ironed uniform? Check! And in you enter.. Hymns of morning prayers concluded by yawns and droopy eyes used to be followed by a big "Good Morning Ma'am". If not for any imitated "stomach ache" or slashing rains, a day... Continue Reading →

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