Konkan Diaries 2.0

Konkan Diaries Laziness was creeping in as lazily as someone who has solved the mandatory three sub-questions at the semesters but just couldn't get the goddamn hand to write down the known Q. 4. The examinations had ended-bringing in days of planned events, though nothing falling in place- recently. Hence the metaphor! And on one... Continue Reading →


​And we come towards the end… 

The batch of 2018, #onelasttime, memories, 4 years, #graduation these and many such tags will be up across the social media very soon as 'we' enter the last of the eight semesters this monsoon!  That we, as I stretched upon the window sill, typing this on my cell as the rains thrashed upon the roof... Continue Reading →

Konkan Diaries!

I sneaked past the security guy, as I had no ID that day and entered along with a friend of mine. "What? A whole week?", said I as we rushed to 9 am lecture at 9.20. A week long hols with weekends attached to both the ends that stretched it enough to accommodate a mini... Continue Reading →

2 years..

This was last month! Submission-o-mania was red-hot on the campus!The hibernated species of engineers lays dormant for the initial months of the semester, immersing themselves in TV series marathon, completing seasons after seasons, clashing with mates over online games well supported by WiFi hotspots, doing everything but studies! And when the spring sets in, they... Continue Reading →

Policy and Action Plan for Make In India

A presentation by a U.S. based advertising agency, Wieden Kennedy, who designed the much talked about ”industrial-wheels-lion-silhouette “mascot later, with first slide reading “Industrial Revolution Part 2” was taken to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion Secretary Amitabh Kant. The presentation along with the promising nature of the project... Continue Reading →

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