Read similar ​And we come towards the end… 

2 years..

“To Do Something with Your Heart and Soul and putting a piece of yourself in your work”

It was a fine Monday morning! Mornings on Monday don’t usually go with that adjective but this one felt different, it felt fine. I think everyone must be having first thoughts the moment they open those droopy eyelids. It’s a fleeting moment mostly veiled in ignorance and it just passes. But it’s unbiased, unprejudiced and unplanned and speaks a thousand words which is free of over thinking and is almost serene.

I woke up that Monday with a big smile. I did the usual daily lists and left office early! Parking the sedan, I picked up my invitation card and headed to the bus station to catch my evening bus. I was in high spirits! The ticket collector fellow pulled the bell and the engine shrieked. I plugged on my ear buds and played the first of the playlist. It was all smiles.

I wrapped around her and closed my eyes! I should’ve done that before but the setting was perfect then. It was Sunday night and we both had stopped in our paths in that dark alley below a sodium light lamp and looked at each other. Midnight black shirt and a matching nightgown! The farewell party aura was to be still felt in that. The world comes to a standstill when you are soaked, totally immersed in the realms of the other eyes!

Years had went by, those two souls under the night sky on that lane, held on to each other. There were obstacles, there were detachments, but those two survived it all. They grew up together, matured along with each other. Those small things, those unsaid things, those moments of promptness! Those were the things that brought and kept them together. On the course of life, they bumped into several people; some were a part of their lives even before they met. Yet they managed to cling on whatever they had, however they can. They survived!

It was not a surprise, in fact it was planned! Planned 4 years! Long enough to make attachments and short enough for a lifetime. They knew this day would come they decided to ignore that and got close to each other! The fact that there will come one day when you wouldn’t be taking that bus, that lecture, that attendance sheet again was a hard pill to swallow. But careers and life came calling and we had to drink that poison to stay alive!

She was facing a hard time healing that heart of hers, which was broken when I entered unplanned with my own baggage of misfortunes and hence those two hearts got intertwined as sorrow binds more strongly than what joy can. The years then went on and they went along only to find that light at the end of the tunnel was in fact blinding!

It was Meraki! Investing our souls and lives in those times that it was us, incomplete when the time came to depart, who left with a part, permanently in that past.

The embrace was broken and the two parted their ways, both literally and figuratively! There were genuine wishes in both the hearts about the well being of the other but sometimes words don’t need to find a way to say things best conveyed through silence. They lied to be in contact and hoped to find time at least once a month wherever they end up in the future. But hope and future don’t get along well when hearts matter!

A cloud of dust was smeared as I alighted from the bus! Nothing changes! It’s been 8 long years but the bus station was as I had left it years back. The gates were decorated with cut outs and poppers and shouted Alumni Reunion in the face with bright sparkle. The ironing of the tux didn’t matter as the gang got into a huddle and shared great laughs. She was there too and I made my through the crowd as she waited with her smile beaming more as I came near her. She hadn’t changed too from that night to this evening. We sat on a bench and reminisced about the times that were spent and the moments that were made! And there were those glances, those smiles back! It was college all over again…

Life is unpredictable, Yes! But we should keep going, basking in all the hues and shades it throws towards us. Because I don’t know if not that conversation on that evening then what else should one look forward to!


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