Aao Kabhi Engineering Mein!

The spring was departing and the skies went grey this fine day in June! The refresh button was hit upon a million times to check if the internet connection was working! And finally the thing flashed in our faces! Three faces with me in centre were happy so as to describe when the HSC percentages were out. I mean they were in inverse proportion to the study I actually put into it, so yeah, Happy!
The months that separated this day and the day we set foot in the engineering college building were one of those glorious, dreamy days of our lives. We tend to watch those Hollywood College Rom-Coms more seriously and try to get those exact sneakers and that backpack! 3 Idiots is watched with atmost attention and then the college name is googled to find out if there exists a terrace top to hangout with friends!

August 5! That was it! I made a majestic start by forgetting my way to the college! And without my dear friend Google Maps, it all boiled down to “Haa beta, aage se right maaro!”

But no! I’m an optimistic! Never mind, I’ll attend the second lecture, my soul whispered!

Till then I decided to check out the canteen. And regretted that decision later. The lights were dimmed in what seemed like an eerie murder scene room from Holmes’ novels and the serving people looked fed up with their lives. And seeing this which was nothing like what they show you on television, a sense of compassion rekindled in my heart as I made my way out of the place towards the elevators.

Now elevators have their own charm and place in cinemas. You hold the doors for someone and that paints you as a chivalrous person all the way to eternity! But heyy, this is real life was what I understood a little later when a dozen overfed seniors squeezed into that compartment, akin to a Churchgate-Virar fast.

Over the years, my castles of mirror came shattering down as we blended into original engineering scenes!

‘Wifi enabled campus’ on the brochure actually felt like the canteen and library is all that comes under campus. The scene where Rancho edits Chatur speech in the movie isn’t actually possible in engineering colleges, because the cartridges are always empty in the printers. “Kamyab nahi, Kaabil hone ke liye padho” line also doesn’t holds true as Assignments, Experiments get immense importance over practicality and implementation of the knowledge.

Fresher’s, Fests, Farewells doesn’t exceed 1900 hours in time and Pav Bhaji in the menu!

But there’s not all that negativity. We make some fantastic friends. Goa plans from DCH or IV scenes from YJHD happen too! I became a better person in those four years and would never had missed these years for anything if given a chance to relive them,

Because, you may expect a lot out of Engineering, but it gives you more than that, and it only becomes clearer in the last days of your graduation! Enough said! I have a train to catch due this week, it’s December end and it’s that phase in an engineer’s life when something unofficial is coming up, so have to pack things up, and as always don’t know where to start from. I better get on with that…


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