​And we come towards the end… 

The batch of 2018, #onelasttime, memories, 4 years, #graduation these and many such tags will be up across the social media very soon as ‘we‘ enter the last of the eight semesters this monsoon! 

That we, as I stretched upon the window sill, typing this on my cell as the rains thrashed upon the roof above me, is written in bold! Who is this we? How did it become we? And more importantly:what will happen to this we in coming years!?

That we is the soon-to-be B. E. I. T.! 

All the 83 souls that rarely sit down together for a lecture, but are binded together with that thing in dots, BEIT! The noose is going to be loosened soon as the day will come where we head out of the college never to return to those lectures, those labs of the 5th floor! 

There will come a day where you will sign on that attendance sheet either in your name or your friend’s, for the last time! 

Last minute prepared term tests where we realise the actual number of subjects, copied assignments whose number of pages goes descending , a day long carnival of absolute confusion-as eager eyes see the hesitant hands to put the red ink sign on the files and index pages-ths submissions! The only day we carry an absolutely ridiculously innocent face with the same level of ignorance-the Vivas and finally the hisaab-kitaab of what we actually do in the week prior to the exam, the semesters! 

We are survivors! We have endured this for six full semesters for the past three years. We know that it will repeat this semester too, but would still start a new TV series this July and repeat the history this November-December! 

The rains will be enjoyed at the campus for the last time, what I mean by enjoy better not be discussed! The fests will be the last ones, the traditional, tie-saree days will be the last time early next year, there will be projects and then there will be that black robe and hats thrown in air-don’t know if they still do that-and we will be Graduates! 

Ever been part of your school WhatsApp group? See how they turn up after we landed into engineering! Except for the occasional birthdays or college fests publicity, they run dry! Something like that might happen with ours too once we are in the world, making a name for ourselves. The friends we see here every day at college may suddenly be on a yearly basis, that too a planned one! The crushes we develop here, by staring them from the corner of your eyes during lectures and looking at them in awe on the days-now is the time to tell them what’s going on with your heart lately, btw- may exist greater in distant that some benches away! 

That’s what life does to us! And we have no control over it then! But that ‘then’ is still a year away now, and we still have one revolution around the sun to be with the people around whom our entire world revolved around, for one last year, for one last time… 


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