Something Like Love…

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Chapter 2

The wind blew now! And along with it gathered some dust. The trees on the adjoining edge of the smaller avenue that ran parallel to the main expressway shook their foliage which were hardly seen in the darkness that was slowly falling over the horizon. The cars and the heavy load vehicles zoomed past too. The only thing that was static was the road lamps and under the light of which two figures looking at each other. The questioning face was searching for answers in that surprised one, but hey we are talking about a female face! They don’t quite reveal anything, do they?
Mayera now climbed into the auto, and Reyansh dropped his head, quite disappointed! But she emerged now, with a sling bag in her hands that was probably kept inside involuntarily.
“Should we take the Society Lane? “, she asked while a tiny smile slowly surfaced. Reyansh held his head high now, which brightened!
“Aap mein se koi aa raha hai ya main niklu? “, the poor auto guy was completely ignored during the past few minutes.
” Sorry uncle, Thank You! “, Reyansh gave a tap on the rickshaw and the stuttering engine blasted off.
” Shall we? “, Reyansh gestured chivalrously and suddenly it were all smiles when the two static figures moved in the same direction, with their shadows in the light thrown by the lamps, now meeting ahead of themselves now and then!
The Society Lane was the longer route to the college campus that went around the shorter one. The season of spring setting in was assuredly seen as the Yellow Poinciana flowers were scattered down the foliages of the trees that bend over the road. The lights came through the Railings ran at the edges of the road beside which they walked.
“So, the college has ended, that doesn’t quite is soaking into me yet”, Reyansh broke the silence that floated in the thin cold air as they walked down the lane.
“Yeah, things are going to change, and we have no idea how! “, with her eyes still on the road, she exclaimed.
Again an interim eerie silence. Hundreds and thousands of rehearsed conversations, sounding so confident and confirmed. But when the actual time comes, when that person from your reverie comes down besides you, walking with you, the mind goes upside down, churning out every possible lines, but blurting out nothing! Just an absolute silence remains!
The coat was worn out and now rested on the hands and the shiny shoes hours back were smudged at some places as they stomped over the basalt roads. The bangles that clinked every now and then, stayed quietly on the hands.
The aura wasn’t helping either with the sounds of scrubbing leaves and chirping crickets mixed into the cool air and yellow bathed street!
The phone rang and the volume almost shook Reyansh! He picked up,
“Where the hell are you? The waiters are giving us looks now as we are waiting for our dear friend, whose ass isn’t where we want it to be”
Reyansh couldn’t help but smile at this impromptu call from Sahil.
“I’m running a little late.Will be there soon”, he spoke back.
“Don’t you try to sound corporate already. Wait a second, using such words at 8 in the night. There is someone with you, huh. Oh, is that May.. ”
“I’ll be there. Save a seat for me”, Reyansh hung up hurriedly.
“You got some fiercely dedicated friends I must say”, she smiled and looked at him. That was a first! First time this whole time she looked at him. Couldn’t he rang a little earlier, that swearing bastard!
“Oh they are just looking for an extra split at the bill, that’s all”
She gave out a small giggle.
They now had come back to the gates of the college which wore a deserted look. The props hung up in darkness and the balloons were scattered all over the place.The tables still stood at a distance, but not a living soul nearby. The watchman was busy locking up the premises as he shut the gate close. They both smiled and said nothing and turned their back to the cut-out that said “Class of 2018”
They returned now to same place where they started. The flow of cars on the road was less now and the light on the advertisement board at the distance was flickering!
Again lost for words, he asked out the last thing anyone should ask, anywhere in the damn world, “So what are the plans…”
“Are you seriously not going to ask what you want to, and cover that up with such useless questions? “, she sounded serious and this was the first time Reyansh had heard her like this. He stood there for some seconds, trying to realise what exactly had happened.
” Huh? ”
” Tell me one thing, why did you never asked me out? ”
Another blow! Reyansh face turned pale and surprised!
” Asked you out, for like, you mean, like a date? ”
” Yeah, what’s the other meaning of it anyway! You ask to take a walk on the last day of college, what’s the damn use of it”
Mayera was letting it all out. The walk and the desolated farewell place was talking for her now.
” I thought… ”
Just then a car stopped by nearby. It was a Ford Fiesta. The headlights glowed in the cloud of dust it sprayed ahead. The window pane was lowered and a voice came from inside
” You people want a lift somewhere? ”
And just at that moment an ear deafening shot was fired!


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