Something Like Love…

Chapter 1

This is the first in the string of the blog-series that I had long stagnating in my text editor on my cell!

I hope the readers like, what is probably my first venture into the world of fiction and would love to hear any views that come through the many minds I have the opportunity to serve!

Cheers and Keep Reading!

The boys were impeccably dressed in sleek suits of mostly black and blue with their bows and ties resting on their ironed white shirts! The night was setting in beautifully with dark hue of orange splashed across the spring sky! The trees and the railings around the college grounds were adorned with floating lanterns that the juniors had put up. The anchor was keeping the audience immersed in with his one liners and intended puns. Reyansh was checking his satin tie to be in perfect place between the two dropping collars. He wore a midnight black suit over the tailored white shirt that ran across his torso. He was fond of black suits and shiny shoes and never miss the occasion where they came in! The hair were perfectly gelled the last time he checked as he sat across the table with the people he had spent the last four years with! Back then they shared the classroom bench or the laboratory computers.

They laughed and reminisced the many moments over that table with clinking glasses and eating off each other’s plates

“Rey, you want something? REYANSH! You want something to eat?? “, Shreya yelled the second part that made Reyansh turned his gaze onto her.

” Huh? No, it’s too much already, you go ahead “, finding words out of anywhere he replied. Shreya always played mother to the group and would be the go-to-person in case of any advice or assignments!

“Get me some pavs, pick the buttered ones ha!”, with his mouth already stuffed, Advait managed to blurt out.

Sahil and Ayaan had already put there hands up after giving all they can to put in as much food as possible!

“Let’s go, I’ll help you with the plates there, Come! “, Radhika got up from the table.

Reyansh wasn’t really on that table that day! His mind was lost somewhere, his eyes searching for someone, someone who he wanted to see badly that day.

There’s always a reason we dress up for a occasion other than the occasion itself. Reyansh very well knew his hasn’t yet to seen anywhere. He was getting restless.

“What the hell is the matter with you, the goddamn plate is still untouched! Aren’t you hungry or what?! “, Ayaan almost screamed.

” Hehe, consider me being full! When are they going to start the music? Parties without music aren’t really a good idea! “, having to end with a different topic, Reyansh found one!

“They should start soon I guess, the guys are still eating, Look at Advait! What the heck man!”, Sahil already bored in his blazer said.

As Reyansh picked up his glass, he saw some familiar faces entering the gates. He knew that she must be somewhere between them. The past years, sitting in corner row, the first thing he used to notice was where she was sitting! But these scenario was rare as her entry in the classroom used to happen with the lecture well into its second quarter! The head used to follow the bevy that used to veil her from him and later side glances through the corner of the eyes kept him on her!

That night was no different!

Gleaming in a flowing saree and wavering hair, she emerged out of the group and Reyansh was frozen with his glass occupied hand in a fixed position. The long glittering jhumkas sneaked through the shiny hair that went over her ears. The bangles made a clinking noise as her hand went through the hair and tucked it behind her ears. She was wearing a small bindi rightly between her curly brows that were placed beautifully over her clear brown eyes. She beamed ear to ear while she interacted with the seated people. Reyansh still had his eyes fixated on her, his mind now probably was a lost soul and the glass still in his hand. He smiled and broke off the sight and not for long! He sensed her being nearer and involuntarily his eyes searched hers, and well they finally met!

She gave a full smile and waved her hand which was reciprocated by Reyansh! The hand went down but the smile remained on both of their countenances before they turned to their respective groups!

A couple of speeches, a performance by the the sophomore year people and finally the group photograph of the entire batch. The students began to line up in front of a huge cut out that said “Batch of 2018”. The flash was out and the smiling faces were captured together for the last time. The group broke off and everyone congratulated each other. The emotions were high as it wasn’t easy to know that this is the end of the 4 amazing years. There were hugs, there were promises of keeping in touch and there were those final goodbyes.

It was about quarter past seven when the Reyansh saw his group being crunched in the taxi on their way to a local food joint where they decided to continue the celebrations. Almost the whole class was heading the same way and as Reyansh waited for another cab, there came a voice from behind

“Hey Reyansh! Hi”

Reyansh looked over his shoulder and an instant smile came on his face.

“Hey Mayera, I thought you had already left! ”

“Probably the girls went on ahead to put hands on the tables there, Can you just give me a hand please”, she said while looking at the elevated footpath in front of her.

Reyansh put his hand out and she pulled herself on besides him by grabbing onto his hand!

The cars swept past on the expressway as they both kept waiting for the vehicle but not one would stop! Reyansh’s eyes then fell on to the far end of the road where he saw a lightened advertisement board that threw light on both sides of the road.

The cycle of thoughts began to run in his mind. The days were thrown back at him as he stood without a blink looking at the bus station. He turned to Mayera who was still looking for the cab. For the first time he felt absolutely sure what he was going to do.

” Do you want to go for a walk, Mayera? ”

Almost immediately and as if the fate was not the least interested in late night walks, a yellow-black stopped behind the raised hand of Mayera.

She looked at him for a while as Reyansh stood with questioning eyes under the sodium-vapor lamp lit road…

[TO BE Continued…


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