The Day I Had Free Food! 

The day was Thursday, and the day was ‘practical’ly full! The morning was spent amidst the horrors of confusion of “how exactly is this relevant” when a early practical session went by. Then we headed on to a lecture that was squeezed in between the two pracs of the day quite strategically which saw many dormant faces turning up, me included, after being left with no choice but to occupy benches that were soaking in the lazy sunshine that came across the window panes! 

“Aur aapka bag kaha hai? “, sealed the attempted mass-bunk which was quite enthusiastically decided upon but as usual failed to materialise! The few who were trying to orchestrate the operation were pulled in the lab and soon were deep into gossips and chips, all things that weren’t supposed to be seen in a lab session! 

We left, by intense bargaining about half an hour early and escaped the building disappearing in the evening breeze that swept across the vast open land our college was blessed with(try to make it sound sarcastic!)

A friend then suddenly declared that he is going to some place in Bandra West and is going to have some free food, two things which I wouldn’t miss for anything! The food came free as he was a food blogger and the restaurateurs were happy that they are getting reviewed! We reached the place, a small joint on the Pali Hill Road called the Mexican Express! 

The space was a cosy one, with seats and tripod tables all lined up neatly across the aisle. The lights were soft and some upbeat Mexican tunes played in the background. My friend sounded confident, something which wasn’t seen even in the vivas while ordering the food, the various toppings and the sides! 

The most irritating part of the whole process which I realised when the crispy Tacos came in was the photography thing that was mandatory. The situation was such that I had in front of me, hard shelled Tacos flowing with salsa, sauces and fillings, each of potatoes, cottage cheese and mushrooms and still couldn’t have them in my mouth! 

Next came The Burrito Bowl topped with salads, black beans and guacamole. The manager who sat across us the whole time, just looking while we mixed up the bowl and gulped down spoon after spoon, claimed this to be the hot choice from the menu! 

Taco Salad Bowl was quite similar to what we tasted in the earlier bowl and we enjoy free food nevertheless! Then we ordered The Quesadilla, which were simple grilled tortillas stuffed with stuffed cheese and sour cream. The appetite was slowly filling up, but menu didn’t seem to finish. The Nutella Quesadilla and sugared Churros came in with the sides of thick chocolate sauce and that was it! 

The manager maintained a smile throughout our food soiree and we returned with one as we made our way to Bandra Station, after probably gaining a few extra calories and mouth still engulfed in the taste of authentic Mexican food! 


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