Of uniforms,discipline and nostalgia:SCHOOL

The DJ was pulling down the lights and wrapping up for what had been a tireless day for him,as I walked across the lawn over dew-laden grass with hands in pockets!This was the last of the school trips we would take, a 3 day excursion at Silvassa.I was out for bringing in some Bisleris as the room service were down,thanks to the many prank calls made by my friends.The night was astoundingly silent with not a single whiff of anyone of the 200+ of my school people stationed in the hotel.

As I returned with handful of chilled bottles,I decided to stroll around a bit and stumbled upon the board saying,”Mughal Gardens”.As I drew near the gates,a silhouette falling right across the drizzled grass met my eye.Her hair swayed with the wind that blew now and then.She seemed lost in her thoughts as I went and sat beside her!

“Hey! Not sleepy huh?”,I started

“Hey,No! I actually like it here,its so peaceful!”

“Yeah,it is! It gets so noisy in the city!”,said I.

“True! Noise of people,their expectations,their self-made beliefs,the ones which they pile upon you,expecting to act as they want,and forgetting in the process that we are different and so could be our thoughts!”,she said without a pause

“Had too much already , I guess?”

“Yeah”,she smiled.

The next moments were passed in absolute silence.

“So school is over …”,she started,putting a roadblock to my chain of events almost immediately.I then realized that we have been so equipped with the next few months of the much touted Boards exams that we forgot that the end of school is very near!I just nodded and the next moment my mind was tossed up in the past.Holy Hell!So school is actually getting over!

Those uniforms will become a part of the past in few days.Life is going to take everyone of us in different direction from the node,we call school!I clearly remembered how the day goes by on a school day.We are supposedly to arrive at 7.15 in the morning,and the real struggle about this comes when winter sets in.Chattering teeth and sweatshirts adorned,we rarely missed the deadline!And if we do,and Sir’s in mood,then we go around the ground and the head-boy gives a “Late” remark in our handbook.

The same handbook becomes a savior once the prayers kick in,as we flip the back pages to match up the Sanskrit hymns playing over the speakers!It is the duty of the class monitor to come up with a “Thought of the Day!”,everyday and also put on the display the number of students present in the class!Every teacher is greeted with an extended version of Goooood Morninnn and each of them has different book allocated too,the end pages of which are used to play Pokemon ,find out who you are going to marry from the class along with intricate details about the possible wedding destination!

The most sought after lecture is the PT hour!Plastic balls and wooden pieces of benches are all we are equipped with!The cycle stand becomes the stumps and some unfortunate’s bottle the bowling point!If the ball,in some enthusiasm is gone over the wall,then it falls upon the batsman to negotiate with the watchman and get back the ball.

Free lectures are nightmares for the class monitors as they have to prevail calm and order in the class,which rarely happens!The end lectures last for half of the intended time allotted.The teacher is tired after a long day and after seeing students already filing up their their bags with everything they get hold of from under the desk and checking if their watches are working fine,gives up and comes up with strategically brilliant line-“Keep your heads down!”.The end is with Vande Mataram amidst some giggles and finally concludes with 3 loud bangs of the bell as we rush down the staircase patrolled by Commanders,and a ride in bus brings us back home!

“So much has happened over the past 5 years ,it becomes a mad race of thoughts when we think about it”,she broke the silence and my school reverie!

“Absolutely! It is already making me nostalgic when we realize it’s going to end! “

“Also it is going to be a struggle to meet with the friends we spend the entire day with,at least once a year”,she exclaimed.

“Yeah,Life is going to move fast in the coming years with we ending up in places we least expect to be in.It is going to be a big gamble!”,I said.

“Well then I guess we are left with just one option-Let’s just enjoy the days we are left with!”,saying so she stood up and I followed the suit.

Good Talk that.Good Night then!”,said she,and turned on her heels.

“Have a Good Night!”,I replied and we parted our ways,one of the many that were to come in the coming days.

It’s been 5 years since school and it feels just like it was yesterday!The arriving deadlines never happened again nor did the school trips and annual days.Facebook arrived late and we were ignorant about a thing called WhatsApp.With school,also went along the discipline we once used to imbibe!We never actually felt what it was to be in school when we were in school.But as the years passed by,only now can we fathom,how simple and sorted life was when it revolved around school.Now that college has kicked in,here’s to what has been the most memorable days,

To the days that have been left far behind,their importance only growing with the passage of time,

To the school days…


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