2 years..

This was last month! Submission-o-mania was red-hot on the campus!The hibernated species of engineers lays dormant for the initial months of the semester, immersing themselves in TV series marathon, completing seasons after seasons, clashing with mates over online games well supported by WiFi hotspots, doing everything but studies! And when the spring sets in, they set into motion, with screens of cell phones displaying assignment sheets instead of social media chats, long night marathons, this time of writing up pages after pages!
I belong to the same rubric!
So, on a fine spring day of the submission week in April,dodging flying staplers and punching machines, yells of “Ae mere liye front pages, double side la na!!!” and joined-benches, on which the occupants were writing vigorously in coordination from a single screen,I made my way out of the classroom onto a airy corridor with winds blowing off from the vast expanse of land that stretched in front of the lofty college edifice.
The room on the extreme end had bottles of beverages all lined up outside. I peeped through the door left ajar, to find large number of BEs in a single class,the last line being a rarity in Engg colleges! So that was the farewell ceremony going on in that class where those people spent the last of the most stupendous 4 years of their life. The gelatin paper wrapped tube-lights gave a celebratory shade to the classroom which had witnessed term tests, proposed mass bunks often ruined by the enthusiastic first benchers, committee-announcements, and many indelible moments. The faces wore smiles, probably hiding the emotions of being at crossroads with paths leading everyone in different directions.
I pressed the elevator button and while I waited in that corridor, I couldn’t cease putting myself 2 years in the future. The doors closed in synchronisation and my mind opened and raced to various thoughts about my time at KJSIEIT!
The first day at college, knowing no one out there, I chose to sit on a bench while the class was slowly getting filled in. Weeks went by and I got acquainted with my fellow batch-mates during BEE and Mechanics practicals. WhatsApp proved to be a great ally, and within months, our group coalesced to 58 members! Terms tests,Unofficial Freshers’ at Santacruz on the last day of terms, a mind-blowingly annoying experience called Submissions, maddeningly tensed crowd outside a room, who pounce upon the starting roll nos with “Kya Pucha?”like queries-The Vivas and then the magnum opus-Semesters!
“Adversities connected us, like nothing else”
In the sophomore year our gang swelled, when the DSE people joined in! The egos of” We are here from the first Sem! ” collided with”Diplomas are more knowledgeable, technically!” But eventually everyone blended in and the subsequent class photographs in Aura became bigger and better!
I collected some pages and other stuff from the Xerox centre and was again in the elevator cuboid surrounded by the same thoughts and cogitations.
But what next? We are halfway through and in two years it will be us who will be in that classroom, bidding the final farewells and clicking selfies and groupies with the #onelasttime hashtag all over the social media! There will be a last tie day, a last saree day, a last attendance sheet! What more should we be doing so that the reminiscences and memories will be enough for a lifetime!
I passed along that class again and the next thing I know, I was amongst the very people I was thinking about, in my classroom. They were scattered all around, engrossed in their files and assignments! That was when the thoughts that were roiling inside me came to a halt! Maybe rather than thinking and planning everything out for the next two years, I should rather get into, what is a fantastic present and cherish all the moments I have ahead of me along with those who are in front of me. A broad smile flashed across my face and I joined in with the guys, completing my punishment assignment midst all the clamour and confusion!
That’s life, you cannot prognosticate what’s in store for you the next morning, but you may very well cherish and savour the day that is still in your hand!!


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  1. such a lovely thought n words used by u…as u hv mentioned each n every line means alot…all words are truly describe d 4 yrs of engineering student’s life..😇

    Liked by 2 people

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