Why Students Bunk?

Schools used to start usually at 7 in the morning. Shoes polished? Check! Short hair? Check! Ironed uniform? Check! And in you enter.. Hymns of morning prayers concluded by yawns and droopy eyes used to be followed by a big “Good Morning Ma’am”. If not for any imitated “stomach ache” or slashing rains, a day used to extend for a good 6-hr session with equal number of students in each lecture.
Fast forward to 2016! For starters,’Proxy’,’Bunk’ or the more preferred ‘Mass Bunk’, these terminologies were non-existent during the school days and then the College Life happened! Arrival time? No idea! Staying up all day? That is strategically decided in and around the practical sessions! Afternoons are usually very much silent. Except for some first-benchers, others usually would have already made their homes! Deja vu??These are the scenes in contemporary colleges, where the primal concern is the circulation of attendance sheet than the circulation of knowledge – Institutions set for imparting higher education to the undergrads! This sounds bad, doesn’t it?
Fee Structure is swelling year by year. On top of that parents are shelling out extra bucks for the “highly advertised” coaching classes which are decided by the number of photos on the billboard displayed across the city.
So in the end it boils down to, Why is this scenario prevailing? Why are the students not sitting for the lectures? Yes, we agree that each of the brains are different. Some require someone to guide them while some prefer the A-V way. Either way, the query remains unanswered!
A question was once asked in sparsely filled afternoon lecture:What is the way you people learn anything?The topic, as was on the board, read-“MOSFET”. Observing that most of them are still trying to build up a link between the queer question and the topic, the question was reframed after some minutes of teaching the actual concept behind MOSFET-“Now that you know what MOSFET is, how will you teach this to someone in your own way, however weird it may be? “. Hesitating for a moment, one by one, hands went up and unorthodox ways and means came out of the” yet to awaken “souls present there!
Like this, there are probably millions of ways out there, which can involve the wayward minds of students back in the lectures.Human minds are always in the need of being disturbed or else the sensational ideas remain stagnant in it.
Maybe the question we are asking-“Why are they not attending? ” is a wrong one!” What should be done to make them eager to sit for the lectures” would be a properly structured one, and the day we get an answer to that, school days would be back again!



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