It were early days of June. I could hear the rain banging over the eaves while I was waiting for a call in the balcony. Now the location of balcony,if not for the resplendent view, serves two purposes-It gives network for calls, thus less of repeated “Hellos” and more of a conversation, secondly one gets privacy and independence to talk.

Moments later phone rang and I was engrossed talking to my girlfriend. The fact that I have one was a secret to my family due to a premonition that they would be disapproving of my surreptitious relationship. It started at primary school, when I first saw her sitting right in front of me, her face veiled behind her voluminous hair. The only time I was able to get a glimpse was while returning to my desk, when sometimes our eyes used to meet and she used to return an amiable smile, but ended when I changed over to another school for my secondary schooling. And as fate would have it, I bumped into her during our junior college days and from that it was like..Forever!

The aroma of the soil coupled with heavy drizzling drenched me further into my reverie,which was a usual thing when talking to her.But my stupor was broken when I sensed someone over the doorway.I looked over my shoulder and my eyes met a stolid face of my dad’s.I whispered to her in a bated breath that I’ll call her later over my phone and saw my dad approaching with his eyes fixated on my phone.His eyes then turned on me and with his brows twitched asked,”Who was that..”,”A friend..”,I interpolated.I was caught in the act!

Then came a surprise.He smiled.I wondered whether that was a “you-are-screwed-up” smile or a genuine one.In his usual sangfroid manner came a reply along with a hidden smile,”Well you don’t discuss movie dates with friends,do you?”I gathered that he heard about our evening rendezvous so I spilled all the beans.After hearing it all,he told me one of the “value talk”,he used to tell me during my childhood days on our evening walks.He said,”Whatever it is you are doing or have done,you can tell me even if you think I might not want to hear it”.That one line completely changed my preconceived understanding of my dad.This awkwardly-amazing  incident also taught me that the people around you aren’t good or bad,its your own prejudiced view that makes them what they are!

Thank You!


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