Aao Kabhi Engineering Mein!

The spring was departing and the skies went grey this fine day in June! The refresh button was hit upon a million times to check if the internet connection was working! And finally the thing flashed in our faces! Three faces with me in centre were happy so as to describe when the HSC percentages... Continue Reading →

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Something Like Love… 

Read the 1st Chapter here! And the second chapter! Chapter 3 Trail of the lights was endless, that reflected on a recently cleaned floor of the hallway. On the other side of it was a closed door that concealed many questions that were left unanswered. The night inched closer to midnight as the city was... Continue Reading →

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The Last Domino!

The street lamps zoomed past, illuminating the frame I held in my hands every time the light came through the cab window. In those split seconds, all the 83 faces, some trying to get into the frame, some confused over where to look and the rest smiling looked back at me and I couldn't help... Continue Reading →

GBL #7 TheConclusion!

The previous chapters... Get Busy Livin’ – Delhi, Nainital, Mussorie, Jim Corbett #SaraiRohilla GBL #2 KemptyFalls GBL #3 TheGanges GBL #4 InTheAir GBL #5 Rottweiler! GBL #6 Mafia! The next day was the Safari! At 6 in the morning! 6 in a January Morning! Mufflers, beanies, jackets, goggles, gloves, everything that was brought the days... Continue Reading →


Read similar ​And we come towards the end…  2 years.. “To Do Something with Your Heart and Soul and putting a piece of yourself in your work” It was a fine Monday morning! Mornings on Monday don’t usually go with that adjective but this one felt different, it felt fine. I think everyone must be having... Continue Reading →

GBL #6 Mafia!

Read the previous parts here Get Busy Livin’ – Delhi, Nainital, Mussorie, Jim Corbett #SaraiRohilla GBL #2 KemptyFalls GBL #3 TheGanges GBL #4 InTheAir GBL #5 Rottweiler! Placing our baggages on the bus, we signed off our Nainital leg with a group selfie that managed to cover every one from the two buses that were... Continue Reading →

GBL #5 Rottweiler!

Read 1st part here - Get Busy Livin’ – Delhi, Nainital, Mussorie, Jim Corbett #SaraiRohilla 2nd part - GBL #2 KemptyFalls 3rd part - GBL #3 TheGanges 4th part - GBL #4 InTheAir Wooden structure, polished and sturdy was noticed in the gardens at the backside of Mapple Hermitage. Slowly it filled with fresh morning faces and mobile phones... Continue Reading →

GBL #4 InTheAir

Read 1st Part Here - GBL #1 SaraiRohilla Read 2nd Part Here - GBL #2 KemptyFalls And the 3rd Part - GBL #3 TheGanges Set in the scenic Kumaon hills, Mapple Hermitage is a spiral hotel with an indoor pool and beautiful small gardens on the periphery, ignoring everything of which we headed straight to... Continue Reading →

GBL #3 TheGanges

Read the 1st Part - GBL #SaraiRohilla Read the 2nd Part - GBL #2 KemptyFalls "Forward bola gaya to aage paddle karna hai and thoda bahar ke side pe baithna sab!” came in the instructions from the GoPro equipped guide as we locked ourselves in the wedges while the raft came into the main current.... Continue Reading →

GBL #2 KemptyFalls

Read Part 1 here - GBL #1 Sarai Rohilla   Part 2 The most important house in Delhi or perhaps the whole of India, next on the list- the residence of the head of state of this nation, The Rashtrapati Bhavan! Splashed with a hue of pink the estate sprawled as far as the eye can... Continue Reading →

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